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[seul-edu] New Educational Applications

Name: Lavengro

Description: Lavengro is vocabulary-test engine based upon and compatible with the bsd-games quiz program. Beyond the functionality of bsd-quiz, it can be run in programmed-learning mode, tutoring to your weaknesses and keeping a record of your progress. It reads text files and then tests you by using one field of the file for the question, another for the answer.

Author: Richard Harris

Homepage: http://emptydog.com/geekland/lavengro.html

License: GNU Public License

Category: Quiz 

Name: LabStatus

Description: LabStatus is a Web-enabled, multi-user system to allow for easy administration of any number of computer labs. It was created especially for organizations which have multiple labs, to manage any number of devices (computers, projector, laptops, etc.). To allow access for various managers, administrators, and technicians to update records, it incorporates a complete user system with multiple user levels.

Author: Jonathan Polansky

Homepage: http://labstatus.com/

License: Commerical

Category: Administrative